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Specialty Practice – Join a Practice Group

Practice Groups, the middle tier of Specialty Practice, are pools of member expertise. Join other SHPA members with existing or developing expertise in a specialty who want to grow and share their experience and lead specialty pharmacy practice.

Why join?

Being a member of Practice Groups gives you all the benefits of Interest Group membership plus:

  • The opportunity to work with the Leadership Committee and SHPA on publications, CPD, policy submissions and more
  • To support the development of your expertise and guide early-career pharmacists and technicians and assistants.
  • Eligibility to nominate for election to Leadership Committees

Complete this application form to join Practice Groups in SHPA’s Specialty Practice Streams

For your application to be assessed by the Leadership Committee, you need to demonstrate your expertise in the specialty by uploading your CV and provide details* of the expertise and experience you will bring to the Practice Group, i.e:  

  • how long you have worked in the specialty or a closely related area, now or in the past
  • participation in an Advanced Training Residency
  • additional professional development you have done in this field
  • and any related research, teaching, publications or presentations

This information ensures the Practice Group identifies experienced pharmacists and technicians/assistants who can inform development of the specialty; this grows the community, at the same time recognising colleagues and resources. 

Before completing the form below, please note: 

  • You must be a current Full Pharmacist, Technician or Former/Retired SHPA member
  • By joining a Practice Group, you are committing to be involved in stream activities and regularly engage in the general discussion forum, so we recommend joining no more than FIVE practice groups

Please read these additional tips if you are applying to join the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Group.

Please use the email linked to your SHPA member profile
e.g., 001234

Practice Group Application

If you wish to apply for more than one Practice Group, a separate application is required for each one. We recommend you apply for no more than FIVE Practice Groups in total.
Select the Practice Group you would like to join from this list of Specialty Practice Streams. If you would like to join multiple Practice Groups, please submit a separate application together with supporting information relevant to each field.
Please upload a brief CV to support each application to join a Practice Group. Your CV and other supporting information provided will be sent to the respective Leadership Committee for assessment.
Max. file size: 5 MB.
Practice Groups are SHPA’s pool of member expertise. As such, members of Practice Groups may have the opportunity to contribute to projects being led by the Specialty Stream’s Leadership Committee, such as SHPA Standards of Practice, policy submissions, publications, and others; to represent SHPA as a clinical expert; or to contribute to SHPA education events. In this section, please describe to the Leadership Committee, what your expectations of being a member of this Practice Group are and what sort of projects you would like to get involved in.

Additional information to support your application

In addition to your CV, please provide this supporting information which will assist the Leadership Committee to assess your application:
Mandatory question for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Group applications:(Required)
Cultural responsiveness or awareness training is a mandatory requirement for acceptance into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Group. Please confirm that you have undertaken this training.
Please provide details if you currently working in an SHPA-approved Advanced Training Residency position in this specialty, and confirm when your ATR commenced.
This application form plays a key role in guiding the Leadership Committee in their approval process. Your response to this question, by providing specific examples about your recent experience in this field of practice (or a closely related field), in addition to the information contained in your CV, will help the Committee understand what expertise you will contribute to this Practice Group.
Do you have any additional qualifications or credentials in this specialty (including ANZCAP recognition)?
Do you have teaching experience in this specialty?
Please describe any previous engagement with this specialty at SHPA (e.g. former COSP member, recognised authority)
Did you work in this specialty (or a closely related field) more than 2 years ago? If so, please provide details, duration and information about your role and experience.
Have you undertaken continuing education in the specialty? (please provide details).
Have you conducted any research (published or presented poster or paper) in this specialty? (please provide details).
Please provide any other information that may support your application
We will send you a confirmation email to notify you after your request has been processed and advise if your application has been successful.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.